Booking Tickets

We’ve made a little guide to help you book your tickets for Folk Weekend: Oxford events.

As Folk Weekend: Oxford is a festival pulled together by a small team from Folk Arts Oxford and a number of partner organisations and venues throughout the city ticketing is a little different from an “in a field” type festival. We use Ticket Tailor as our ticket platform for the Concerts and Workshops that we commission ourselves. Our partner organisations typically have their own ticketing platforms.

As we’re a small organisation, we don’t have many of the trappings of bigger “full time” business and rely heavily on volunteer effort to get the festival to happen, so typically we’ll look for cost effective and simple ways to offer the best experience to festival goers.

One of the most queried of these solutions is our use of PayPal as our Payments Processor, we use PayPal because it is unbelievably easy to set up and integrate with Ticket Tailor and KoFi (our e-Tip-Jar).

Using PayPal as our processor does not mean that you need a PayPal account to get your tickets. Here’s how:

Find a Booking Link

Booking links can be found on any event or event listing page:

The whole weekend or each day line up pages

An individual event page

The events listed for a Venue

The listing for the type of event

These bookings will take you to the event page with the ticket platform, the instructions that follow from here are for Ticket Tailor for Folk Weekend:Oxford organised events. There should be help available on the other platforms that our partners use for their events.

On Ticket Tailor’s event page, click the big red “Buy tickets” button:

You are then asked to select the ticket types and number of tickets you’d like to purchase. We also offer the opportunity here to add a donation directly to the festival and keep us going, we are most grateful for all ticket sales and donations, the festival cannot survive without these revenues.

Ticket Selection panel

Clicking the big green “Next” button asks for some details, this is so the platform can email you your tickets, all tickets are sold electronically.

We also ask if you’d like to join our mailing list – we don’t do nasty things like selling your details, we just provide information on events that we run through the year and about the festival itself.

Join the list for details of more folk stuff from us!

Now you have made it to the actual payment stage, if you don’t use PayPal don’t let their branding scare you, you do not need to have an account, just click the slightly less obvious, black, “Debit of Credit Card” button to be taken into the – non-PayPal-account process.

The button for non-PayPal users

Next is a pretty standard “enter your credit card details” screen which requires all the usual fields, You’ll notice the “No PayPal account required” statement above the “Buy Now” button, that tells you that you’re in the right place.

The Credit Card details screen

From this point PayPal connects to your Credit Card provider – everything you see from here will be from your card provider, not PayPal, Ticket Tailor or Folk Weekend:Oxford. Depending on a huge number of factors you may or may not be presented with your provider’s security process, sometimes called “3D Secure” or similar, sometimes they use two factor authentication by texting you a code to enter to proceed. Once your card provider is happy that it’s actually you spending your hard earned cash, it will confirm the transaction back through PayPal to Ticket Tailor which will then give you your confirmation:

Confirmation Page

You will also get a very similar email to the address you entered previously but if you like to keep another copy of your tickets instead of relying on emails then use the “View your order confirmation and tickets” button and you should be able to download your tickets as a PDF document. You will need the tickets (either printed or on a mobile device is fine) to get into the event as our stewards will scan the square QR Codes on entry.

Other Partners’ Ticketing

Here’s a little overview of what to expect from our partners:

The North Wall Arts Centre

The North Wall Arts Centre use Ticketsolve as their ticketing platform. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a guide available, please contact The North Wall directly if you experience problems.

OxFolk Ceilidhs

Fortunately OxFolk also use Ticket Tailor so the guide above should see you right with them too!

Old Fire Station

The Old Fire Station uses Ticketsolve too, again please contact The Old Fire Station directly for help if required.

Harwell Village Hall/Big Ginger Tom

Big Ginger Tom use We Got Tickets as their ticketing platform and they have an excellent FAQ section that looks to cover pretty much every eventuality:


Hopefully that’s helped you to get your seats booked for our awesome acts or your space on the floor at an OxFolk Ceilidh, we’ll see you there!!

If, however, your efforts to buy your tickets doesn’t work as described here, head to our contact page and let us know. It would be unbelievably helpful if you have screen grabs of what’s different or what doesn’t look like the process above.