Big Ginger Tom Music

Big Ginger Tom Music provides opportunities for the wealth of established and up-and-coming talent locally and across the country by putting on regular gigs in Harwell Village Hall and the occasional house concert. 

Much of the music they put on is folk based, but it merges into country and Americana too. Which is all to the good if you ask me.

We are very happy that Big Ginger Tom are promoting three of their artists at the Blue Room above the St Aldate's Tavern as part of Folk Weekend 2022, and we hope that as well as checking them out, you also visit their website and see what other fabulous gigs they have on offer throughout the year.

Sunday 24th April 


Patrick Griffin

£7.50 (+10% booking fee)


Anna Renae

£7.50 (+10% booking fee)


Craig Joiner

£7.50 (+10% booking fee)