Covered Market

Friday 22nd April

12.00pm                Miller Folk

12.45pm                tbc

1.30pm                  Linda Watkins

2.15pm                  Three Idle Women

Saturday 23rd April

12.00pm                BlueJay

12.45pm                The Holy Fools

1.30pm                  Jim's Jammers

2.15pm                  Mark Ashworth

Sunday 24th April

12.00pm                John and Di Cullen

12.45pm                Emperors of the Moon

1.30pm                  Tatiana and John Bennett

2.15pm                  Roary Skaista



Miller Folk take Irish reels and jigs and put beats where they have no right to be. Every gig moves them one step closer to having their Dublin busking licence revoked and being barred from Ireland for good.

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Linda Watkins


Linda Watkins is no stranger to the folk scene. Her clear voice is delivered with a passion for each lyric, quickly drawing the listener in and carrying you with her upon the song’s journey.

Writing songs of love, life and more in traditional and contemporary styles, she also utilises the voices of different instruments to complement each set of well-crafted lyrics. It is not unusual to see her perform with a veritable cornucopia of instruments from strings to percussion! She has played support for a long list of well-known artistes and with four albums to date, radio airplay plus concert and festival appearances you can be sure of an entertaining set from this experienced Welsh songstress.

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Three Idle Women


The Three Idle Women were forged by a shared love of the Oxford Canal and a fondness for close harmony singing, folk music and stories that are carried through song. Working together since 2013, the Oxford trio bring their diverse musical skills, instrumentation and an intimate knowledge of life on, and along, the Oxford Canal.

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BlueJay are Wendy Bryant and Roger Jackson. They met many years ago but have only been singing together as BlueJay for the last few years. Wendy has sung with many bands including Wycombe-based Bluegrass outfit Redwing. Roger Is a film and TV composer and choir leader. 

BlueJay are also supporting The Holy Fools at the Folk Weekend Oxford/Finstock Unplugged mini-gig at Wilcote Studios on 4th March (details here).

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The Holy Fools


Tennessee singer-songwriter Chris Floyd of the Holy Fools will be joined by two other members of the Oxford-based quartet – multi-instrumentalist Harry Brzezinski and bassist Jason Neil, both long-time veterans of the UK music scene – for a set of all-original Americana.

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Jim's Jammers


A last-minute replacement for the Skeptics, who have had to cancel due to Covid, we really know nothing aboutthis lot. Come along and enjoy the mystery!

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Mark Ashworth


Mark Ashworth is a songwriter, singer and musician rooted in the broad folk tradition. Accompanying himself on guitar and octave mandolin/bouzouki, his songs draw on wide influences, from traditional song and ballad forms to contemporary folk writers. His songs are performed by others around the folk scene and have been recorded by artists including Commonground, Reunion Lane and Shepherd’s Purse.

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John and Di Cullen


Well known in the South East as club guests and regulars at Broadstairs Folk Week, John and Di sing very interesting material using harmony, guitar, bouzouki and bowed psaltery.

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Emperors of the Moon


Named for a little-known Playford tune, Emperors of the Moon is a local four-piece band playing lively and thoughtful (mostly) English (mostly) folk. With fiddle, melodeon, banjo, mandola and concertina, their exciting arrangements breathe new life into familiar songs and tunes. 

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Tatiana and John Bennett


Tatiana Soloviova is an Oxford based Russian-Ukrainian singer, scholar, music  teacher and a therapeutic coach. With Jon on guitar, bouzouki and whistle.

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Roary Skaista


Roary Skaista is an Oxford-based folk singer, performing traditional and original songs. Their pure singing voice and guitar accompaniment blends a traditional folk sound with up-to-date, witty and poignant lyrics, challenging audiences on current issues such as mental health, neurodiversity, LGBT+ rights, gender equality and the environment.

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