The Fay Hield Trio

Fay Hield, Sam Sweeney, Rob Harbron



£15 (£12 pay a little less/£18 pay a little more)

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Born and raised in Yorkshire, and growing up in the famous Becca Pipes Folk club in Keighley, folk artist and academic Fay Hield seemed destined to carve a career in traditional folk music. In these uncertain times, Fay continues to perform live and online in various formats from solo, through to a four-piece including long standing musical collaborators Sam Sweeney (fiddle), Rob Harbron (concertina, guitar and harmonium) and Ben Nicholls (double bass). A singer who seems to have been born knowing how to carry a tune, but with the rarer gift of knowing how to go straight to the heart of a song, she combines vision, inspiration and outstanding musicianship into a fresh and original exploration of how we use songs, stories and music to understand what it means to be human. Fay breathes new life into timeless stories.

This is a hybrid gig and tickets for the livestream are available from our partners, Live To Your Living Room here.

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