Jigfoot + Ian Nichols

Sat 23rd April, £13 (pay a less £8/pay a little more £15),

5-17 £2 (U5s free)


We are delighted that the Hampshire band Jigfoot is returning to Oxfolk. The band approaches traditional dance tunes with energy, inventiveness and, above all, swing. They specialise in playing tunes from southern England and particularly their county. But most of all what they play is sublime to dance to.

The band is: Cath Watkins and Ben Potton on fiddles, Gill Redmond on cello, Kim Shiel on melodeon and Nic Bradford on guitar. Their album Kindling is out now and you can hear it here.

The energetic and engaging caller Ian Nichols is making a welcome return to Oxfolk. His timing is impeccable and he will make sure we all have a terrific time dancing.

Jigfoot in church.jpg