Schedule Changes

With so many acts and events to accommodate, some changes to the printed programme are inevitable – you can find them all here:



Due to ill health Emily Portman is not able to perform with Rob Harbron at Folk Weekend Oxford. Fortunately the amazing Fay Hield will step in and perform with Rob. More details here.

Local Acts


Short Drag Roger will now be starting 15 minutes later than originally planned at The Old Fire Station, now at 7:15pm rather than 7pm.


Colin Pitts has moved from The Covered Market at 3pm to The Weston Library at 1pm

Greg Mayston’s Folk has moved from The Weston Library to The Covered Market at 2pm

The wonderful Elena Piras has been added to the The Covered Market for a 25 minute set from 2:45pm to 3:10pm.

Three Idle Women remains in The Covered Market but now starts at 3:15pm.

May Tumi is playing Blackwell’s Bookshop at 3pm, not Sam Twigg as noted in the printed programme.

Sadly, due to ill health, Emperors of the Moon have had to cancel both gigs on Sunday (1pm @ Blackwells and 8pm @ Old Fire Station). The Holy Fools will step in to fill the 8pm slot at the Old Fire Station with Elena Piras filling the 1pm gap at Blackwell’s Bookshop.


The Session schedule is now almost complete – Click here for the most up to date information!


Our Morris schedule is now available and can be downloaded along with location map from the Morris page.