Online Events

In 2020, we had to take Folk Weekend online very quickly in response to the first lockdown. Whilst that was a very hectic time, it led to us acquiring useful expertise in staging online events, expertise that we were able to hone in collaboration with our partner organisation Live To Your Living Room throughout the year. As part of this process, we recorded two webinars discussing our solutions and made them freely available. Whilst we are hopefully past the lockdown stage of the pandemic, one thing we have realised is that there is still an audience out there that really values digital events, and so we hope these webinars may still be of use to any organisations looking to have an on-line offer. Note, the first video was produced just after the 2020 festival, when our processes were still being developed. The second video discusses the solution as it ended up being used by Live To Your Living Room throughout 2020 and up to the present day and by Folk Weekend Oxford for the 2021 festival.

This video, with Cat McGill, creative director at FWO at the time, and Pete Ord, our technical supremo, took place just after the 2020 festival. It is perhaps interesting as a window into our thought processes at the time and into the range of possibilities for putting on events through Zoom, and the shortcomings thereof (many of which are addressed by our more developed solution explained in the second video).

This video was recorded in August 2020, when we had had time to develop our online practice and put in some careful thought about how to remedy the shortcomings we and our audience encountered during the 2020 festival. Again featuring Cat and Pete, who discuss the way in which they deliver quality on-line events week after week for Live To Your Living Room, a developed technique that was also used successfully for Folk Weekend Oxford 2021. This is of course not the only solution, nor do we claim that it is the best - nevertheless, it is what we used and it worked well.